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  FCS was established in 1982 and in almost thirty years of experience is increasingly a reference company in the production and distribution of catalysts for industrial furnaces specialized in heat treatment.
The evolution of the market and new customer requirements have been followed with conviction, commitment and skill, the target of satisfying both in terms of quality and cost containment.
The evolution, FCS entered the service of major industries leaders by developing its own technology and a technical and security certificate of their 


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F C S  Brozolo            Production and distribution of catalysts for industrial furnaces

FCS di Samuele Rossato & Roberto Iemma s.n.c. | Sede Legale: Via Casale 24 - 10020 BROZOLO (TO) | Partita IVA 06415350013 | Tel. +39.011.9150197 |Fax +39.011.9150198 | info@fcsbrozolo.com